Things to Ponder Before Saying Yes to a Teeth-Whitening Treatment in Grand Prairie, TX

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Do you sometimes get insecure with the looks of your smile? Maybe you find it too dull or perhaps, lacking some sparkle. If that’s the case, a teeth-whitening treatment may be one of your options.

Over-the-counter kits, home remedies, DIYs – are you thinking of these too? Try scrolling down a bit on Instagram, and you’ll see people varnishing gross-looking charcoal powder on their teeth. How about exploring Youtube for a while? You’ll find a lot of tutorials teaching everyone to whiten their pearly whites using weird baking soda and lemon mixtures. While these methods are quite interesting and cost-friendly, they do not guarantee a 100% excellent result. In fact, some of the techniques used are actually risky and harmful. Here are the truths about OTC whitening alternative:

  • Although readily accessible, bleaching kits offered in the market are damaging to the oral health. They contain excessive chemicals which wear down the tooth enamel.
  • Irritations, gum burns, and even stomach damage are possible with store-bought teeth whitening products.
  • Home methods like baking soda and lemon solutions are abrasive to the teeth.

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Professional Teeth Whitening Is The Solution!

Investing in a teeth-whitening treatment at the dentist is the most effective way of getting a bright smile. To those who are planning to whiten their teeth, we at Lynn Creek Dental Care are here for you! Our practice ensures a safe and comfortable treatment without compromising the whitening result. Both in-office procedure and take-home kits are offered in our office.

The two treatments that we provide are sure to give you a dazzling, white smile. However, if you want an immediate result, you can opt for the in-office procedure. Our dentist utilizes a sufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide (main whitening ingredient), so you don’t have to worry about failed whitening effects. On the other hand, choosing take-home kits is convenient as you can just whiten your teeth while sitting in your favorite sofa at home.

To know which treatment is suited for you, talk to us at Lynn Creek Dental Care. We will discuss more regarding the procedure to help you decide easily.

Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Lynn Creek Dental Care and check out our services under Teeth Whitening in Grand Prairie, TX . We are located at 5115 Lake Ridge Parkway, #140, Grand Prairie, TX 75052.