Stay Comfy in the Dental Chair with Sedation Dentistry in Grand Prairie, TX

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Strange paraphernalia, blood-curdling sounds of drills, and the familiar smell of dental clinics – a root canal treatment will start in a while. Whose knees will not weaken? It’s okay, and we absolutely understand. But before you gallop away from the dentist’s office, know that there are plenty of sedation options you can try. Local anesthesia, oral sedation, and laughing gas are available at Lynn Creek Dental Care. These three alternatives will help you feel calmer in the dental chair.

Sedation Dentistry

Which type of sedation is for you?

Local Anesthesia

Patients who are only required for a minor dental procedure can take advantage of local anesthesia. This type of sedative is administered directly in the part of the mouth that needs the treatment with the use of injection. It is best used in speedy procedures or if the therapy does not necessitate the person to stay unconscious.

Oral Sedation

Sedatives in the form of a pill are useful for those who have extreme dental fear and anxiety or if the patient needs to undergo a more thorough procedure. Oral sedation is given to a patient an hour before the treatment as it takes a certain amount of time before it can fully take effect.

Laughing Gas

Another sedation option is laughing gas or also referred to as nitrous oxide. This sedative is best for both children and adults. Laughing gas is unique as it is administered through a mask.

Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

With sedation dentistry, people who fear the dentist can now avail of different dental procedures. Countering dental anxiety is its top one benefit. But other than that, patients can also enjoy these other advantages sedation dentistry has to offer:

  • When patients are entirely calmed in the dental chair because of a particular sedation option, dentists can perform necessary procedures effectively.
  • Sedatives keep a bad gag reflex at bay, making it possible for a person to receive dental procedures comfortably.
  • Some people naturally fear needles. In that case, local anesthesia may not be for them. But they can take advantage of laughing gas instead! It is easy, simple, and most especially, needle-free.

Everyone deserves an anxious-free, comfortable dental experience. Avail of our Sedation Dentistry services in Grand Prairie, TX. Book your appointment with us at Lynn Creek Dental Care. We are located at 5115 Lake Ridge Parkway, #140, Grand Prairie, TX 75052.