Can You Reverse Dental Mineralization?

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Preventive dental care is critical to maintaining a healthy smile. We talk a great deal about the formation of cavities and how to avoid them, but dental mineralization is not always a term people are familiar with. Here, we’ll discuss dental mineralization, how to recognize it, and what you can do to help reverse it.

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Dental Mineralization Process

Dental mineralization is the chemical breakdown of the hard tissues of your teeth. The acids in your mouth begin to chip away at your enamel and can lead to cavities or more severe dental issues. This process is natural and occurs with every patient, but the outcome depends on your remineralization and the treatments you incorporate into your preventive care.

Signs of Dental Mineralization

When dental mineralization has occurred, you may notice small white spots on the enamel of your teeth. These spots easily stain and often have a chalky texture. If you believe you’re experiencing dental mineralization, it’s best to contact our team so we can further investigate and provide you with a specific treatment plan to reverse its effects.

Reversing Dental Mineralization

In its early stages, dental mineralization can be reversed. Once you notice the small white spots on your teeth, you should begin using a fluoride-based toothpaste or mouthwash to provide your teeth with added nutrients.

Preventing Dental Mineralization

Your body is naturally fighting against dental mineralization every day. In fact, your saliva plays a large role in the remineralization of your teeth. Saliva acts as a barrier for your teeth, fights against bacteria, and helps neutralize acids inside your mouth. You may also incorporate fluoride into your dental hygiene routine to protect against mineralization.

The best way to prevent tooth decay and dental mineralization is to attend your routine cleanings every six months. Our team at Lynn Creek Dental Care can’t wait to see you and tend to your dental needs!