5 Ways to Overcome Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety can prevent you from having a healthy smile. Odontophobia affects up to 75% of people in varying degrees, usually due to past painful experiences at the dentist, hearing about someone else’s painful experience, fear of losing control, or … Continued

Should I Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

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Protecting your family’s dental health means protecting your pet’s teeth, too! Pets can develop cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease just like us. Whether you have a dog or a cat, it’s important to establish a brushing routine for your … Continued

Can Tongue Piercings Become Infected?

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Piercings, including tongue piercings, are popular these days among young people. Unfortunately, although the tongue is a very strong body part, people often don’t understand its many functions and the potential health risks when getting theirs pierced. Here are important … Continued