Are Teeth Straightening Treatments Necessary? – Grand Prairie, TX

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Orthodontics has surely improved over the years. Instead of using unsightly metal brackets and wires which make up most of the teeth, the continuous advancements in dentistry made way for the emergence of much better alternatives. Potential orthodontic patients now have the chance to choose faster, inconspicuous, and comfortable treatment to straighten their teeth.

The availability of various teeth straightening options sparked questions to the people’s minds. They are probably asking, “is it vital to achieve straighter teeth?” or “isn’t it just for looks?.” At Lynn Creek Dental Care, we will provide the answers to these questions and more!

Clear Aligner

Reasons to Consider Straighter Teeth

Better Overall Oral Health

For people who have malocclusions and misalignments, brushing and flossing may be quite challenging. Some areas of the teeth are inaccessible due to the teeth’s connection with each other. As a result, a patient is more likely to suffer from issues like tooth decay and gum disease even if proper oral hygiene is followed. Having the teeth straightened can significantly help with the problem since it means that all areas are much easier to access when performing hygiene routines. It would also be harder for plaque, bacteria, and other harmful substances to hide which makes the teeth not only healthier but cleaner as well.

Lesser Risk of Teeth Breakage

People with teeth that do not align properly are more prone to accidental breakage. Issues like teeth protrusions and overcrowding can sustain regular wear and tear due to its daily function. As a result, the teeth can weaken over time. Having the teeth straightened corrects the bite alignment of a patient not only to avoid wear but also to improve the teeth’s function when chewing food. Adjusting the bite also fixes the alignment of the jaw, this prevents the potential occurrence of TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder).

Better Confidence

The number one reason why most people opt for orthodontic treatments is to gain improved confidence. Having misaligned teeth can cause a person to feel more conscious, as a result, they tend to talk and smile less. However, traditional orthodontic treatments are not always the best option since the metal brackets and wires often cause a person to be more conscious. Thankfully, they are not better options to choose from, and we at Lynn Creek Dental Care have one in mind – ClearCorrect!

ClearCorrect is a brand of clear aligner that straightens the teeth using a removable thermoplastic appliance that eliminates the usual hassles of metal braces. The aligner trays are custom-created for each patient to guarantee a perfect fit which is essential for its effectivity. Patients are provided with a set of aligners which they would wear and switch out depending on the instructions given by the dentist. This orthodontic treatment highly requires the cooperation of the patient for it to be successful, so the guide provided by the dental professional should be followed.

Straight teeth are not only for looks, but it can also improve the overall health and wellness of a person. So what are you waiting for? Start your orthodontic journey at Lynn Creek Dental Care with the help of ClearCorrect in Grand Prairie, TX. Call or visit us at 5115 Lake Ridge Parkway, #140, Grand Prairie, TX 75052.